Gokara is an image hosting free wish to host your pictures in public or private free and also you can share your pictures on Forums Blogs and etc.

Gokara.NET is a Web host pictures - free online allows you to share your images and photos on social networks as Blogs, Forums, etc...
On gokara you can make your images in public or private the private images are secure and which to the public, you alone shall have the right to access your images, to make your images in private you must create an account, otherwise it is not necessary to create an account on Gokara and you can share your images in any anonymity
Limit of liability
Gokara.NET can in no case be held responsible for the images that host you on Gokara, you are solely responsible for on the images that you host on Gokara
Gokara.NET does not accept adult-oriented characters, xenophobic, racist, anti-Semitic images, images related to human suffering or death

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